Friday, July 5, 2013

How to generate payment advice when salary for the previous month is paid in the current month?

Example: On 30th April, ABC Company accounted Salary Payable for the month of April, but later realized that balance in Bank is not sufficient for salary payment, and hence withheld the Payment. For Payroll transfer on 15th May, Company wants to generate Payment Advice by clearly indicating the Salary/Payroll period (as April month’s salary).
Follow the given steps to generate payment advice when salary for the previous month is paid in the current month

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Payroll Reports > Statements Of Payroll > Payment Advice
  1. The Printing Payment Advice screen is displayed.
  2. Press Backspace to enter the details to be printed on the Payment Advice.
  • From and To: In the first two date fields enter the period during which the salary payment transaction is recorded. Here, it is the current month i.e.,1-5-2011 to 31-5-2011
  • Employee Category: Select the Employee category for which the Payment Advice to be generated.
  • Employee/Group: Select a specific employee or group to generate the Payment Advice
Note: In Employee/Group Tally.ERP 9 will display only the employees/groups created under the Employee category selected in Employee Category field.
  • Bank Ledger: In this field select the Bank for which the Payment Advice is to be generated.
  • Date Range to Print: Specify the period for which salary is being paid, here ABC company is making the payment for the month of April (1.4.2011 to 30.4.2011)
  • Date of Printing: The date on which the Payment Advice is being printed has to be specified here. ABC Company is printing the Payment Advice on 15-5-2011.

  •  Press Enter to get a print preview of the Payment Advice
The Payment Advice appears as shown:

Payment Advice contains a statement that the salary is being paid for the previous month (here, April), the date of printing, and the details of the employees such as account number and salary amount.

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