Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Is it possible to show the additional cost of purchase separately in Tally.ERP9? @ Tally.ERP9

Is it possible to show the Additional Cost of Purchase separately in Tally.ERP9?

es, it is possible. To show the additional cost of purchase separately assume as, ‘Transportation Charges’ .This amount of additional cost must get included to the cost of item. To get the result, kindly follow the steps mentioned below:

Create an item called ‘Item – 123’ :

Raise the purchase invoice:


Now check the report in the stock summary.


It will show the closing balance as Rs.10,000/-

Check the report of stock items, from the Gateway of Tally à Display à Inventory Booksà Movement Analysis à Stock Item Analysis à select the related Item.


Pay the ‘Transportation Charges’ . It must increase the cost of item.

Create the ‘Transportation Charges’ ledger under Indirect Expenses and set  the option 'Inventory Values are affected’ to 'Yes' .


Now raise the journal entry in the Journal Voucher:

Below you can see the screen of  ‘Transportation Charges’ entry.


Once you select the ledger  called ‘Transportation charges’ you will get the ‘Item allocation’ screen. Select the item and enter the amount.

Note: Do not mention the quantity and rate.


Now check the stock summary and movement analysis:
Go to Gateway of Tally à Stock Summary à select the Item à Stock Item Monthly Summary


Go to Gateway of Tally à Display à Inventory Book à Movement Analysis à Stock Item Analysis à select the Item from the List of Items à Item Movement Analysis à Item Voucher Analysis.

Here you can see that the additional expenses of Transportation Charges  being included in the additional cost also.